Introducing the Infinite Space Bazaar hackathon

Introducing the Infinite Space Bazaar hackathon

The Infinite Space Bazaar, Celestia’s first global online hackathon, is here. From April 2 to May 17, builders worldwide will have the opportunity to compete for $100K+ in hackathon prizes.

Register now.


The hackathon will feature four tracks. Three for builders and a dedicated track for the broader community to participate in. The tracks are:

  • Build whatever: application-layer
  • Core: infrastructure for the core Celestia protocol
  • UX: infrastructure for improved user experience
  • Community: storytelling and community

Throughout the hackathon, builders can expect weekly workshops, AMA sessions to answer your questions, and support from the greater Celestia community.


During the Infinite Space bazaar, builders will participate as part of a house. The houses allow builders to get support from other hackathon participants, build community, and even find additional hackathon team members.

Once you register, you will have a house recommended to you. You can accept the recommendation or self-select to join a house that’s more suitable for you in the Infinite Space Bazaar Discord.

Importantly, the houses won’t restrict who you can have in your hackathon team. Your team can include people from any of the houses.

The four houses are made up of:

  • Puddletrail
  • Whimsifall
  • Mindflux
  • Lumentree

The Infinite Space Bazaar hackathon will kick off soon, starting on April 2. Learn more and register now to take part in the first Celestia hackathon.