Introducing the Oolong upgrade to Celestia testnets

Introducing the Oolong upgrade to Celestia testnets

The Celestia community has spent months stress-testing the Celestia network during the Blockspace Race. And now Oolong is being unveiled. Named after the Chinese tea, Oolong is the most recent upgrade to Arabica Devnet and Mocha Testnet. This upgrade serves as a release candidate for mainnet. If everything goes smoothly, mainnet may use Oolong.

Mocha’s new network ID is now mocha-3 and Arabica’s new network ID is now arabica-9.

To be compatible with the new networks, please use v1.0.0-rc7 of celestia-app and v0.11.0-rc6 of celestia-node.

If you are a validator who hasn’t upgraded their Mocha node to the new version, please refer to the docs to join the new network. Rollups still on arabica-6 must deploy to the arabica-9 network, which has many new features. Since the networks were upgraded through hardspoons, all previous state remains.

Now, let’s take a look at the changes introduced in the Oolong upgrade.


New feature additions are noted across the core, app, and node repos. They are:

Core & app

  • Dense squares: increase the amount of available space in a block for blob data.
  • Namespace ID size: increase the size of Namespace IDs from 8 bytes to 29 bytes.
  • Restricted block size: introduce a new parameter for Celestia’s block size that can be set by the community through on-chain governance.
  • Deterministic square construction: remove the power for block proposers to determine the padding amount and square size of a block.
  • Onchain governance is removed for all but a select few parameters, like block size. Any changes outside of those select parameters will now require a hard fork.


  • Blob module: the main interface for rollups to submit, retrieve and prove the inclusion of data to Celestia.

News relating to any network upgrades can also be found on the Celestia Network Upgrade announcements community channel on Telegram. If you need support with the migration, ask the community in Discord in the #mocha-testnet or #developers channels.