Meet Cohort One of Modular Fellows

28 individuals and teams were selected for the inaugural cohort of Modular Fellows. Spanning execution layers, rollup infrastructure, DeFi apps, and more, Cohort One is a promising seed in the fast-emerging Celestia ecosystem.

Meet Cohort One of Modular Fellows

Modular blockchains will drive the next era of Web3 innovation. Less constrained, these specialized chains break the rigidity of monolithic chains into flexible components, promising unprecedented scale, security, and decentralization.

However, the modular world is largely uncharted right now. Incredible possibilities await those willing to take risks and lead with creativity.

A few months ago, we launched Modular Fellows, a new program that supports and mentors modular builders. We received over 400 applications from all over the world.

Today, we introduce the first cohort of Modular Fellows. Cohort One comprises 13 individuals and 13 teams, all who embody the spirit of modularism: originality, imagination, courage and creative thinking.

The talent and potential of these modular builders inspire us. Collectively, they make for a mighty force that accelerates the transition from monolithic to modular blockchains.

Individual Fellows of Cohort One

Alex PhanPast Alchemy, Encode Club, Index Coop, Odyssey DAO

AmirIndependent researcher, engineer, and writer interested broadly in applied cryptography, ZK, Infra, and MEV. Previously, Amir spent time on the research and engineering team at A16Z crypto

Andres MontyBuilding Scanworks, a collective building security tooling and infrastructure for the IBC ecosystem and beyond

AwtnmyCreator of an indie games studio behind the anticipated @offgridthegame, who is exploring new ways for game devs & communities to bridge, crossover, and share on the IP of mods and user generated content

Chaerin KimLeading a blockchain club called EHWA-CHAIN in South Korea. Active in the Web3 developer DAO community called Boom Labs. Planning to develop a modular blockchain education platform

Corgis.xyzBuilding the "Duolingo" of Web3

Diego FerrerSmart Contract Engineer @ Tessera

Harris LevineA developer for 7 years, Harris is building a next-gen educational platform utilizing modular blockchains

Jack ChapmanStanford CS Systems, 2022. Former Magna Eth Dev

Kevin HeLaunched 3 EVM-compatible chains, 2 standalone zk-Rollup networks, multiple DApps with billions of TVL

Pratham Prasoon18-year-old high schooler who is a self taught programmer passionate about machine learning and blockchain development

Scott SunartoFounder of Argus Labs,  a crypto gaming skunkworks building on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology. Previously, Scott was the co-creator of Dark Forest and worked at companies like Trail of Bits and Uniswap Labs

0xmartinlof – Building extended UTXO runtime using dependent types as locks

Team Fellows of Cohort One

AltLayer - Building Ethereum-compatible tailored rollups-as-a-service for web3 applications and dApps helping them achieve scalability as and when they need it

Baking BadIndexing infrastructure and developer tooling

Celestia ScanA block explorer crafted for Celestia and the ecosystem of rollups and protocols on top of it

ConstellationConstellation is building tools to help blockchain applications launch dedicated, custom rollups on the modular stack

Cosmology – Developer tools for builders in the Cosmos

DSRVDeveloped WellDone wallet, which manages keys from multiple chains

DualitySimple, flexible, and capital efficient AMM which captures MEV to return it to the LPs that create it

dYmensionHome of the RollApps

EclipseCustomizable, modular rollups using the Solana VM

EigenVector – Building the resilient internet

Fractal - The modular rollup hub making zk-rollups effortlessly accessible to developers

JunoA community DAO building interchain protocols and blockchains using CosmWasm

Ocelot LabsOcelot Labs, the Original Celo Treasury, working on the Mezcal project

Sovereign LabsBuilding the Internet of Rollups, an ecosystem of scalable zk-rollups that use a shared data availability layer to allow fast and trust-minimized communication

Skip ProtocolOn a mission to help blockchains achieve financial sustainability and power better user experiences by building transparent blockspace markets to connect traders and blockchains

Program Details

Throughout the three-month program, Modular Fellows will receive engineering support, mentorship, and a monthly stipend of $3,000 to build a project of their choice. The Fellows will complete a project milestone each month, culminating into a demo-day. After the program, continuing support will be available for Fellows through fundraising help and grants.

Modular Fellows will work closely with the Celestia Labs team and a group of hand-picked Modular mentors who will help solve engineering problems and provide feedback on milestones.

Empowering Modular Builders

Modular Fellows’ mission is to empower modular builders with the right resources to build the future of scalable and sovereign blockchain networks. Modular blockchains mark a paradigm shift in the architecture and capability of blockchain technology. Celestia Labs is committed to supporting modular builders from all corners who seek to escape the limitations of today’s monolithic chains.

Build modular. Be free.