Concluding the light node challenge

Concluding the light node challenge

Not long ago, images of light nodes started popping up all over Twitter. Some were photoshopped onto DJ decks, and others showcased light nodes running next to waterfalls. During it all, we announced the light node challenge to spur the community’s creativity.

Now that the light node challenge has ended, we want to announce the winners and reflect on the underlying message of light nodes.

The winners

The challenge featured three categories: Best Device, Best Location, and Best Meme. Each category had a top 3 chosen, giving us nine winners in total. Let’s see what the winners came up with.

Best Device

Best Location

Best Meme

What light nodes stand for

Indeed, people came up with unique devices and faraway places to run their light nodes. But there's a bit more to the story of light nodes.

Remember, blockchains enable communities to become sovereign and organize independently. That sovereignty gets unlocked when you run a node to directly interact with and verify the chain. And without a node, any interaction goes through a trusted intermediary, defeating the whole purpose of a blockchain.

Light nodes unlock the sovereignty and coordination mechanics for communities that blockchains are for. And all in a tiny footprint.

And one goal that we look towards for this light node future: 1 billion light nodes.